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We are Swish Breaks, your premier destination for exhilarating live sports card breaks!

At Swish Breaks, we're passionate about transforming the art of trading card collecting into a thrilling experience. Join our vibrant community for live-streamed breaks, where transparency, integrity, and the love of hitting ground-breaking cards converge, making every break a slam dunk opportunity for collectors of all levels.
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We are the premier live streaming community for all card lovers! With over 500,000 orders processed since inception and unparalleled market knowledge, our team has mastered sports card breaks across all major sports.
Unmatched Transparency, Authenticity, and Entertainment
We prioritize transparency in every aspect of our operations. Our live-streamed breaks offer a front-row seat to the action, allowing you to witness the opening of packs in real-time. We are committed to entertainment, ensuring that your experience with us is fun and rewarding. With us, you can trust that your collecting experience is not only exciting but also conducted with the highest level of entertainment and customer success.
Engaging Community and Expertise
Join a vibrant community of collectors and enthusiasts who share your passion for sports card trading. Our team is composed of dedicated experts who bring a wealth of knowledge to every break. Whether you're a seasoned collector or just starting out, Swish Breaks provides a welcoming environment to connect, share experiences, and learn from fellow enthusiasts. Our commitment to fostering a supportive community sets us apart as more than just a trading card company – we're a hub for collectors to come together.
World Class Shipping and Customer Success
We pride ourselves on delivering the best-in-class shipping experience in the sports card industry. Our dedicated fulfillment and customer success team ensures that your cards are packaged with utmost care and shipped within 1-2 business days. We prioritize secure and efficient delivery, providing collectors with peace of mind and the assurance that their cherished cards will arrive in pristine condition, ready to be added to their collection.
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What is a sports card break?

A sports card break is an event where a group of collectors come together, usually online, to open packs or boxes of sports trading cards. Each participant typically purchases a spot in the break, which entitles them to receive all the cards from a specific team, player, or other predetermined grouping, depending on how the break is organized.

During the break, the host opens the packs or boxes of cards live on a streaming platform such as YouTube or Twitch, and participants can watch in real-time as the cards are revealed. The cards are then distributed to the participants based on the predetermined allocations.

Sports card breaks have become increasingly popular in recent years as a way for collectors to experience the excitement of opening packs and potentially obtaining valuable cards without having to purchase entire boxes or cases themselves. It also fosters a sense of community among collectors who share a passion for sports cards.

Where can I reach out about an outstanding order?

All orders are processed within 2-3 business days. Please reach out to if any orders are taking longer than expected, or there are any issues with any outstanding orders.

Where can we find your breaks online?

You can find us online on the Whatnot App or Fanatics Live app. We are anticipating a launch on TikTok in Q2 of 2024 as well!

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